Top 4 Podcast Episodes

Tim Urban on shivering in Shorts and Shifting from Sheep to Chef

The aspect that this was recorded in a café makes this episode automatically unique, but the interview is friendly, yet philosophical. From history to seeing the world differently, this interview brings out the best in Tim Urban.

Becoming the Best Version of You (#210) - Tim Ferriss

Wait Wait…Tell Me!

I listened to this in late 2019, and it had a profound impact on how I live daily life. It opened my eyes to the agony of everyone as they waited for things throughout life. I read somewhere once that one of the worst forms of torture was one in which the pain was intermittent. If you know pain is coming every 10 seconds, it doesn’t feel as bad as pain every 3, 10, 60, 2, and 89 seconds. In short, we like to have semblance of predictability over our life. (Ever wonder why unexpected traffic sucks so much?) Great way to spend 20 minutes, I love this episode. (Check it out while you’re waiting for the train..haha.) On the flip side - it helped me change how I communicate. I now do my best to remove unstable timelines or vague texts. Have you ever gotten the text “We need to talk?” It’s painful. Gotten a rumour you’re getting promoted, but not sure when? Sucks. I try to give specific deadlines or some type of signal. (”Hey, if I don’t hear anything from Joe I’ll let you know before 4pm today.”) Ah, relief - from that small nagging agony of waiting.

I share this so much that it would be an issue if it wasn’t listed here. This 1 hour long interview uprooted a deep misconception I had about the role of money in the world. We have credentials, experts, data, and plenty of influential tools…but at the root of all leverage is capital. (Capital/Money obviously needs backing, but that’s a story for another time.) It’s easy to get trapped in the ‘money is bad/evil’ mindset, but Chamath addresses and dismantles that mindset.