Top 4 Lists

A few of my favourite top 4’s. I felt the need to list these after creating the map on the main page of my site. I was curious about myself. I felt that my tastes were diverse, but as I’ve contemplated my top 4, I see they are quite westernised/Eurocentric. I guess that’s a signal of how much left of the world I have to explore.

General criteria for this list is things I’ve continued to like for more than 6 months. (Not fleeting interests/things.) It’s easy to write out a list of your favourite 4 songs, but what about your favourite 4 songs over the last year?

If the top 4 are replaced, I’ll move the old entries to the bottom of the page under //archive// for historical context, along with the date it moved. (e.g. //Archive// Never Gonna Give You Up - 30 May 2020)

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