Work on only things that will outlast you

It's easy to get caught up on short term things.

What if I only worked on things that will exist after I die?

My heuristic can be:

Will this exist in 2050? Yes, continue working. No, stop working.

Alternate take:

This mindset can quickly turn toxic as it doesn’t account for people, love, and non-quantifiable things. Although a grand vision and goal is great, I don’t want to live in a world in which no one is investing time in other people.

In the book

, it showed how detrimental KPI’s and data-driven leadership can be. Maybe the most important things in life can’t be quantified and chased...I digress.

The heuristic words for not getting caught up in trends, but can quickly create a grandiose and non-empathetic person if taken too far.

In analogous terms - On one side you have the person getting sloshed about by each new wave, and on the other extreme you have the person surfing on top of them.