Real World Testing

I keep running into things I've read that don't work in real life.

An obvious example, a structure with thinner walls sounds amazing in practice, but gets destroyed during the next tornado in the real world. (Even though this is obvious, we’re still building non-storm-worthy structures in tornado alley.)

I think a great way to do this without building a building, or testing a MVP is by concretising. I’ve had huge success when, during conversation, I use a literal example and walk through the theory step by step.

For example - Broken Windows cause crime

Concretised: James is walking down the street and sees a building with broken windows. He notices and continues walking. 2 weeks later, James notices that the windows are still broken. Now what?


I've found this in many academic conversations:

A theory about how a society should be operated sounds wonderful on paper. But, as you go deeper into the second-order effects, the concept breaks down. The real world is not chess, and has no rules. (


Some examples:

  • The broken window theory