Non-Toxic Tools

I want to create a team where it’s impossible for toxic attitudes to exist.

You need 20 or 30 positive people in your life to counteract 1 toxic person. -James Altucher

You gotta say Good

This idea is taken from Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL Commander. I recommend watching this before reading further: https://youtu.be/CGh3KDkonQE

The concept is:

Everything can be reframed. Regardless of the event, it has some good in it.

I listened to this video almost every day for a month, and continue to listen 1-2 times a week. It's something that is taking me months to engrain, but it has already changed my life.

As I've been implementing it into my life, it has bled into my team. How can we say 'good' about unexpected events? How can we say 'good' to everything being urgent? Just voicing the 'good' into the world has done an incredible amount for team morale and cohesian.

We have occasionally turned it into a game. Who can come up with something 'Good' the fastest as a unfortionate event arises?

We had to stay late? Good. We can learn to manage our time better in the future.

We dropped communication? Good. We can track down the issue that we didn't previously see.

We have too many emails? Good. We can pivot our communication method and use a different tool.

I didn't finish writing this point? Good. I can overcome my perfectionis