Long & Short Form Content


Short form changes brain structure if it’s different in each clip.

Experimental Questions:

  • What if I only consume content that is over 20 minutes in length?

This would remove most social media, and only allow part of YouTube to exist.

Contacted Google with user feedback to allow a permanent filter for my feed of videos over 20 min.
  • Would this make me more or less calm?
  • Would this make me feel like I have more or less time in the day?

I’ve been experimenting with this day-to-day. I notice the days when I consume more short form content (IG Reels, TikTok, etc), I feel time has slipped away.

On the days when I’m consuming parts of an audiobook, the day feels more…fulfilled?

When I finish a book (unless it’s a money-focused book written after 2010), I generally feel more calm and content. A feeling of accomplishment.

I generally don’t get this feeling after watching 91 Reels of, “Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no.

As I was writing this, I was thinking about flashcards. Technically one could argue they are short form content, but I take the stance that they are part of a broader goal. (And perhaps our brains recognise this, hence the success behind SRS systems.)

So perhaps that is why long form content feels better, it’s contextually easier to tie into the canon of a larger goal.

(Maybe this is why some TV Series are so addicting? It’s comforting to have a massive cannon of short form content.)

I think I need to (in the fashion of Qualia) seperate comfort from satisfying.

Short Form
TikTok/IG Reels
Long Form
An old TV show w/14 seasons
Writing/Reading a book