Hidden incentives are everywhere.

I started looking for them in June of 2020, and tried to visualise them as a 6th sense.

I would walk through the world asking myself questions like...

The news has an incentive to do what?

Get me to watch more news.

How can the news do that? Showing negative things, showing shocking things, showing that the world is different than I thought.

Would I watch 45 minutes of normal business owners, kind people, and charity work per night? Maybe.

Would I watch 45 minutes of unexpected drama, rude business owners, and politics per night? Absolutely! Every night!

**After an...interesting visit to the dentist**

What is the incentive for dental clinics?

To continue to have business.

Does this mean they are interested in preventative dental health?

Largely no. They are interested in cavities (+the habits that create those) and repeat customers.

This means I should search for a long term dental clinic that is focused on prevention, and be cautious of any normal clinic due to incentives.

Will a dental clinic ever tell me that breathing from my mouth could cause cavities? Probably not. They have no incentive (other than kindness) to tell me how to prevent cavities for free & hurt their bottom line. (Not medical advice, ask your doctor, etc.)

On Dieting...

I believe fasting is the only diet with no strong incentive behind it.

There are strong incentives to promote Keto, Paleo, or Vegan diets. (E.g. Our company makes the only true paleo meal box.)

‘Scientific’ studies can also have incentives to promote a product based on the sponsor of the study. (I once saw a study showing wild blueberries are vastly superior to normal blueberries. The study was sponsored by the National Wild Blueberry Association of America.)