Get off the Field

I was never good at playing soccer, so I stopped.

One of the things that

taught me was that successful people quit early.

They try 10 things and pick one in the same amount of time that most people try 1-2 things. Purposeful switching and experimentation.

Since I wasn't great at soccer, I got off the field. This freed up my time to get on the field of martial arts, where I enjoyed my time.

By doing something I enjoyed, it created

of enjoyment, confidence, then came competence.

Contrary to popular belief:

Winners quit, and they quit early.

This has another meaning. Stop playing the same game.

Expertise is often a scam, created in many fields to keep new people out. (Or force them into 4 year degree paths.)

If something is trending, maybe hop off that field, and start playing on the turf right next to it. πŸ™‚