Don't scar over 1 Cut

There’s a restaurant in downtown Honolulu, here’s the sign on the door:

It really made me think - I wonder how many times each of these happened??

How many shirtless customers are enough to put that sign up? It permanently effected the impression I had of the place, is that worth the potential avoidance of future shirtless customers?

Don't overreact.

Don't create rules just because something happens once?

John was late for work today, the temptation is to create a rule and say No one can ever be late again.

I also see it at restaurants or public places. One skateboarder comes to a park, and a sign is permanently placed, no skateboarding allowed.


Or more commonly at restaurants:


These things only happened once or twice, and now we've created a permanent rule against them.

It’s a quick way to calcify + complexity. Let feedback happen more than once before reaction to it. Skin doesn’t always scar when cut once, it takes some additional damage before scars or calluses appear.

Don't scar over 1 cut.