Rather than asking what my role models were doing right, perhaps it has been more useful to ask what people I despise are doing wrong.

2021 was the start of this journey.

E.g. What is something in common among people I know who are not successful? They are not consistent.

There's a billion ways to be successful. There's less ways to live a life in hell. They can be boiled down to some basic bad habits. If I avoid those, I can avoid a life in hell.

Here are some I’ve been thinking about:

Trend Chasing

I first saw this on social media. There are certain accounts who only exist by riding the wave of each trend. They tend to be a bit volatile becuase they don’t have any sense of identity. 6 months later, I started seeing this in real life. Some friends of mine are so caught in the web of trends that it’s impossible to know who they are.

Personal Insults

This didn’t become obvious to me until I read about Hanlon’s Razor. After reading about it, I became far more patient. I’ve started noticing a trait among people who struggle to find success - they take everything as a personal insult. The implication when this happens is that they are important enough to insult, which is oftentimes not the case.

If someone forgets to email me, it’s not because they have a personal vendetta. I’m just not important enough.

Seeing the world this way helped me relax, it’s a big place.