1 Choice to Make 1000

This ties into

and is a basic underlying principle of changing my environment.

For this, I imagine that I’m a computer, and I can pop into System Settings and change some default settings. (e.g. Flipping the switch from liking beef to disliking it.)

For example, every time I go to cafes I have to choose what to drink. If I’m tired, I usually end up choosing something sugary. The key word here is ‘choosing.’ Every time I order at a cafe, I have to choose.

What if I had a default choice? Instead of choosing between 1000 possible drink combinations, I choose one time to have a default drink. (Cold Brew w/Oat Milk.)

By doing this, I just made 1 choice to make 1000 future choices. (And it’s less sugar in the long run.)

1 choice:

Walk Every day


1000 choices:

Should I workout today?

(H/t for Tim Ferriss for getting me to start thinking about this concept: https://tim.blog/2020/01/20/one-decision-that-removes-100-decisions/)


Very basic example - I need to look for this more rather than use the first thing that came to mind:

I saw this first in Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, but had no words for it.

Why would these people wear the same clothes so much when they are in the public eye?

Because at some point, they made 1 choice (to wear a turtleneck), to make 1000. (There is never a morning choice of what to wear.)

Issue: This calcifies people if they are not away of their ‘default’ choice. E.g. the 78 year old gentleman who has the same dish, at the same diner, for 50 years.