Duration + Intensity + Frequency


I use this regularly as a shortcut to do things differently.

It’s like a triangle, and often I miss a side.

Knowing I have 3 options to get almost anything done helps a lot. (Often Academia is focused on the Frequency + Duration, but misses intensity. Highlighted by Roosevelts success in school.

Also seems to work quite well for fitness -

Duration = Many runners. Marathoners.

Intensity = Many powerlifters/Olympic Lifters

Frequency = Either of the classes above.

Over time, you start to see detrimental effects if any of these levers are pushed too hard.

E.g., You cannot mix Duration (10 mile run) + Frequency (Every day) for long without breakage. If you dial down intensity (4 hours), perhaps you can survive it longer.

If you turn all dials up to 11, system collapse happens fast.

If you turn up intensity and frequency, I think you get Crossfit. Nothing wrong with it, as long as duration doesn’t exceed a certain threshold.

Used in a lovely conversation on 17 January. ☕