Inflection Points

One Line Summary

My experience with them.

Real World Examples


Case Study:

Issac Newton's Inflection Point was during the plague of 1666-1667. He was stuck indoors for almost 2 years, and developed many of his most important work during this period. Looking back, it's clear that the Plague (and being stuck indoors) was his inflection point.

Application to other Mental Models:

: What is the opposite of Inflection Points? Counterintuitively, not downward spirals - terrible events are still vertical movements on the chart of life. The opposite of inflection points are long periods of no upward or downward direction - A mediocre journey through the years, with no movement in either direction.

: The inverse of leverage is not powerlessness, but indebtedness. More leverage generally can mean more sovereignty, but the opposite is not sovereignty but servitude. Simple lack of leverage is simple and can result in a somewhat normal life.