Mental Models

//Draft of a concept of combining all of the mental models. This would probably work better as a mind map or roam map.//

In the past few years, I've read several books on mental models.

Some hit the mark, others read like concept papers. I've come to realise that most were missing 3 key elements:

  • Real World Examples
  • Integration Between examples
  • Learning to use Models

Obviously, the experience of life and therefore models varies differently between everyone, but I will be attempting to build a cross-connected system of mental models, while adding real world examples.

I was not successful in applying models until I started looking for them in my daily life. It was only after I started 'seeing' the world through a new model each week that I found any use in them. (Similar to how we teach dozens of mathematical concepts w/o any conversation of real world applicability.)

Inflection Points
Maslow's Hammer
Activation Energy
Small Bets
Coase’s Law


I think this needs an app where you can drag different models to mix with each other.


Inversion displays on the screen, you can mix activation energy with inversion and see ‘de-activation energy’

You can mix activation energy with leverage and see a method to succeed in almost any project.

Searching for a domain. The difficulty would be the interface, but maybe with one of the figma website builders it can be done.

Random notes:

At what point do these just become word definitions….Maybe the power lies in examples to allow people to get better at pattern matching?

Hanlon’s Razor