I write what I think of the books I read as a method of retaining information. The full list of books I own is not uploaded yet, I’m still trying to sort through and list everything.

Some of these have a format, back when I believed things should be regimented. These days, a format comes and goes. As

mentions, over-optimization leads to fragility.

This whole page is a work in progress, including the reviews. I'm pressing 'PUBLISH' before I'm ready.
Expand this to see the layout I typically use. Or just dive in below.

The Layout by James [Title]

A collection that makes no sense. [My personalized Subtitle]

3 Points: [Random short points about the book]

  • The largest book is 800 pages
  • Sometimes books are arranged by colour
  • Questionable Library at best

Tweet: [A Tweet About the book]

Favourite Quotes: [About 10% of my favourite quotes from the book.]

Give me a challenge, and I'll meet it with joy.
Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

Would I re-read this? [My way of asking...Was this worth the first read/my time?]

Probably not, this was a description of the layout. Not useful outside of an initial administrative bit.

What did I implement? [My way of asking...Did this book change me?]

Nothing....since I just noted above, this is a post for housekeeping and format layouts. Basically the written equivalent to a useless box.