What I value..


While it can quickly lead to fragility, I truly appreciate the deep and ancient nature of an elegant walk or attitude. It’s poetically fragile. The regal way in which someone holds their-self is compelling to watch.


Not only in how someone holds themselves, but also in their response to unexpected events. I really admire those who are met with a terrible surprise, but are able to handle it with poise.


It’s something I’m still working to understand. I think there is more than one form of courage. Intellectual Courage: Speaking your mind about something in which you believe strongly. Physical Courage: Running into a collapsing building to save someone, standing in front of a charging giraffe.

It falls in line with respecting myself enough to be myself. If I don’t have the courage to be myself (this ≠ being a jerk), I don’t respect myself. Perhaps respect precedes courage.

New Things.

I can’t deny I love new technology. I have an appreciation for the true-and-true, but action speaks louder than works, and I’m browsing ProductHunt nearly every day.


I’m not sure of a word that describes this, but we all know a brash & abrasive, yet charming person. They bring life to the party, but with a sense of danger. They may be prone to outbursts or perhaps saying insane things, but they live with a sense of ease. Nassim Taleb calls this ‘F*ck You Money.’


Something about someone seeing the hidden things in the world. The non-obvious.

Someone who doesn’t distain the new or the artistic (that which they don’t understand)

Something about people who have an understanding of time. Temporal things, sensing the passing of time accurately. Covered in .