About Me
About Me

About Me

The typical bio generally start with age, name, and location. These have all been poor indicators of future success or compatibility from my experience, so I won’t burden you with those details.

The only thing I strive to be consistent about myself is that I have "strong opinions, loosely held."

Everything else is spin.

My Principles

I dislike the English word of values. It's rather nebulous, and seems to be used differently depending on who you ask.

So, based on

, I use the word principles. In this context they are just things I think about often, or aspire to integrate as a fundamental piece of myself.

Things I’ve worked with
  • No Code/Low code automation
  • I worked heavily with Microsoft tools (SharePoint, PowerAutomate, PowerApps) and have worked with process automation since 2015.
  • I taught some Six Sigma classes in 2017 (Yellow Belt level classes.)
  • I still sometimes facilitate & work with teams using Six Sigma + Agile methodology
My Content Consuming Strategy

I picture myself as a sieve. Most things will fall through, but some will catch. As I learn more, I can attach that knowledge to existing knowledge, much like .

Content stays published forever, but why do podcasts disappear?

What do I value?
Trajectory/inflection points

Creator vs consumer in German gym

My Strengths:

Consuming Content

I like to think I’ve become decent at consuming a large amount of content and mapping the main ideas.


I’m still working on this, but I’ve been told that I’m great at analogies. (Primarily in teaching.)


While I feel like there is billions of ways I could be better, I’ve been told I can facilitate well. (Primarily as a ScrumMaster or using Agile.)

My Weaknesses:

Caring about what others think

I often block myself from opportunity or a gut feeling because I’m concerned about what other people think. I read

and it helped me see how a man lived a fulfilled and happy life in his indifference to what others thought. Obviously, there’s a healthy line here. Not caring what anyone thinks is a recipe for disaster.


I’ve been playing with attention for a long time now. It started with the question: What if I can turn my attention in this conversation up to an 11? (Out of 10.)

I also heard certain presidents had the ability to make you feel like you’re the only one in the room, I wonder how much of that feeling comes from intense attention. I’ve been told I listen well, but still feel I need to work on it.

Actual Programming

I’ve taken…5+ intro to programming courses. I really don’t like Python, C++, etc. Tried to like it, was pushed to like it. Still don’t like it. The whole development environment is just unappealing to me.

However, I love working with some light ‘code’ (JS/CSS/Etc) on top of a low code tool.

Emotional Resonance

For a few years I suppressed emotions in an effort to become more ‘logical.’ After realising that’s best done by computers, I’ve been working to increase my 1) awareness and adoption of my own emotions and 2) extreme awareness of others emotions.

The main realisation has been that text cannot communicate even 10% of the emotion of a 2 minute conversation.

My goal is (by practice, reading, and learning from experts irl) to be able to sense the emotional resonance of a person or piece of art within a shorter time period.

My Interests